Residence Permit

Residence permit in Latvia - free pass to Europe, Trade in the EU, Travel in Europe, Live in Latvia

Law Office KP & Partners offers a full advisory services and support in obtaining the residence permit in Latvia on the basis of investments in real estate, business and financial investments in Latvian credit institutions.

The residence permit of the Republic of Latvia automatically guarantees free movement of persons within the Schengen area, currently consisting of 25 European countries.

Real estate purchase in Riga, Riga planning region and major cities in the amount of not less than € 250 000.

Temporary residence permit will be available both for investors and their family members – spouses, underage children and persons that are under the surveillance/official care of such investors. Upon expiry of the term of residence permit investors and their family members are eligible to apply for the renewal.

Our services include:

- real estate search and Latvian real estate market analyse;

- full assistance, support and legal advice during the process of acquisition of real estate - drafting of purchase agreement, all documentation, escort of purchase transaction at the notary and the Land Register;

- Assistance with obtaining residence permits in Latvia;

- Assistance with submitting and receiving documents to The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs;

- representation of interests of a client in state and municipal institutions, as well as to third parties;

- property management, assistance in choosing the best real estate options for your unique use requirements;

- full legal advisory service for the client as required on individual basis.




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