Obligatory Law

Legal help for the area of obligatory law include the necessary advice and opinions of our lawyers, drafting of different types of legal documents, the representation on legal transactions, as well as representation in court.
Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of issues related to real estate, including advice related to various forms of real estate transactions, development and construction law.

Our legal services include:

1.Real estate issues

1.1. Legal support on real estate transaction

1.2. Drafting and analyzing purchase / gift / exchange / deposit / speculative contracts

1.3. Resolving the dispute with the credit - the conclusion of an arrangement, refinancing issues, loan restructuring, bond

2.Rent and lease legal issues

2.1. Rental / lease agreements;

2.2. Amendment of the rental / lease agreement;

2.3. Rental / lease termination;

2.4. disputes between tenants and leaseholders in pre-trial and trial process

3.Cooperation agreements

4. Assignments

5. Loan agreements

6. Earnest money, purchase and gift agreements


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