For many years Law Office KP & Partners has been dedicated to providing superior client service.

As a result, we have earned a reputation for providing our clients with what they value - exceptional legal skills, quick response and practical solutions delivered with the highest level of professional integrity. Our lawyers continue to be strongly committed to these objectives.

Our values
Our main value are our customers! As well as to ensure legal service on the top quality, fast, secure and confidential. For many years our goal is to provide the best legal service - fast, constructive and responsible, as a result, our lawyers have earned an excellent reputation in the Republic of Latvia and beyond.
Legal Service
We provide prompt and effective legal assistance in civil, administrative, commercial, intellectual property law, labor disputes, provide a representation of the victim in criminal proceedings, provide legal assistance in disputes with banks, representation in courts, state / local government.
Pricing Policy
Prices depend on your preferences and possibilities. We offer several types of payment: a package of service for each service provided separately by paying the full amount at once or divided by the number of payments.
Opportunities of Cooperation
We have proved that our law office is a stable, reliable and responsive partner who is able to offer an advanced legal assistance. We offer companies and individuals cooperation with our law firm, depending on your type of business, opportunities and expectations.

SIA Juridiskais birojs KP un Partneri ir pilna spektra juridiskais birojs, kas nodroina konkurentsp?j?gas priekroc?bas klientu apkalpoan?.

Esam pieredz?jui un kvalific?ti juristi, kuri ir gatavi sniegt Jums juridisko pal?dz?bu vis?s juridiskaj?s sf?r?s. Jau vair?kus gadus m?su uzdevums ir nodroin?t lab?ko juridisko apkalpoanu ?tri, konstrukt?vi un atbild?gi, k? rezult?t? m?su juristi ir nopeln?jui izcilu reput?ciju Latvijas Republik? un ?rpus t?s.

M?su m?r?is ir uzklaus?t klientus, izmantojot individu?lo pieeju katram klientam, noformul?t probl?mjaut?jumu un piemekl?t lab?ko risin?jumu, aizsarg?jot klienta tiesisk?s intereses.

Why to choose us?
Law office KP & Partners is a full range law office, that provides a competitive advantage in clients service. Law office was established by young, well-qualified, energetic and experienced lawyers.
Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions

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